Introductory Leader Mentoring Intensive Group

Emphasizing peer mentoring, this intensive group experience is offered by a sponsoring organization, either for its in-house personnel or for mixed-organizational groups. Between 20 – 50 participants at an off-site, residential location. Important Arch of Leadership concepts are introduced to younger managers who are considering the life of leading. The program distinguishes leading from management operations and leader mentoring from management or executive coaching.


A highly successful way to bring your top young leader prospects together so they can experience what the life of leading is all about. Builds camaraderie among your senior managerial group and provides an occasion to motivate all of your top prospects to excel and aspire to leading.


Mid-Tier pricing based on group size and location. Two half days, two nights. Mentor-guided experiences. Live-in setting. Lecture, discussion, group learning (indoor and outdoor) experiences are featured.

To schedule your Introductory Group Program or for more information, contact .

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