Our Approach

Our certified professional mentors help senior and developing leaders fully enter and commit to the life of creative leading in order to build organizational value, inspire success and enhance quality of life.

Creative leading offers people the opportunity to collaborate in order successfully accomplish encompassing, life-enhancing and more inclusive endeavors than they could accomplish on their own.

For executives, managers and aspiring leaders who are looking for more as a leader, we create mentoring relationships in which you make a personal commitment to the life of leading. Unlike other leadership development and coaching programs, professional mentoring teaches you what you do not learn in business school or from an executive coach. We focus on self-discovery and the skills of character that give you the tools and insights to become the leader you were meant to be


We use the Arch of Leadership, based on Dr. Michael Shenkman's pioneering work, as a metaphor for our understanding of what successful creative leading entails. Each component of the arch represents a subject that we cover in the course of our work with clients, in all of our programs.


All of our programs feature the following concepts:


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