The Image of the Arch

Leadership can be viewed in many ways:

  • A top-down command relationship: A leaders stands on high and followers gather below to hear the words they will obey. 
  • A "follow me" relationship. The leader charges up the hill waving behind to followers to do likewise. 
  • A "do as I say" relationship: The leader delegates, stays behind as followers execute. 

We view leadership differently.

We envision leadership as an "occasion-creating" relationship:

Leaders create the right occasion during which people can be effective in collaborating to accomplish a worthy goal. In our image, the "occasion" is marked off from other times and places by the space within the Arch.

So think of the Arch as defining a specific, purposeful space, a room. For example, when you enter a kitchen, you see that it is set up to do cooking; a bedroom is furnished so you can sleep in it.

The Arch represents a space that your leadership create so that you can collaborate with others in order to accomplish your vision.


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