The Beam of Light:  Your Energy

The "beam of light" that emanates from the keystone represents the charisma you exude when your self-trust is developed and active.

When people are in the arch, listening to you and evaluating your decisions and actions, they are experiencing the energy you radiate as a leader.

We call that energy your "Leadership Brand." They will experience your Leadership Brand as a relationship that has two poles:

  • Your demands on them.
  • Their need to be guided by you as they struggle with the challenge.

The idea of Leadership Brand is that these mutually binding expectations must be met. When you buy a brand name product, say a Ford, you have expectations about the product and the company that stands behind it. You expect quality, support, service, reliability and safety. If those expectations are not met, the next time you buy a car it won't be a Ford.

So too with a Leadership Brand: Your demand is that they meet the expectations you have of them in meeting the challenge; their demand is that you act empathetically and constructively as the experience of the endeavor -- its joys, stresses and challenges-- unfolds.

We study Leadership Brand in Order to:

  •  Understand the unique relationship between leaders and followers that builds successful organizations.
  •  Clarify what your leadership stands for.
  •  Be constant about what your leadership stands for each and every day.
  •  Create meaningful, sustainable, reliable bonds among those committed to the endeavor.


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