The Spires: The Life of Leading 

The spires of the Arch represent the four key "Skills of Character" that leaders must call upon each and every day in order to command the attention of followers and successfully bring your vision to fruition.

Self-Awareness: The ability to recall and draw upon life experiences -- from many parts of your life -- to illustrate and dramatize the situation and enumerate what must be accomplished.

Practical Insight: Your ability to see the sitution in ways that both envision new possibilities and offer decisions, actions and a model for collaboration that will advance the effort.

Drive, Energy and Will: Leaders have deep, seemingly inexhaustable, stores of energy. More than that, when they speak, act and interact with others, their energy affects people. Everyone's energy is different. The unique qualities of a leader's energy is what we commonly call a leader's "style."

People Skills:  
Leaders have a way with people. People feel that they "connect" with the leader, no matter how remote that leader may be from them.

We Study the Skills of Character in order to:

  • Learn how to apply your personal past experiences -- successes and failures -- to today’s challenges.
  • Become more open and comfortable in telling your personal story.
  • See your energy translate into a vision of practical, effective solutions.
  • Learn how your personal stories can inspire others, validate your expectations, and focus effort.


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