The Vision:  The Leader's Creativity

People follow you because you have a "vision." Whenever we ask people how leaders have profoundly influenced their lives, they all say, "They had a vision."

Creative leaders realize something about life, or about a situation, that we hadn't realized before. Then they are able to crystallize that insight into something we can come together and act on.

The leaders that are most influential are ones that can give a sense of how a whole new world can work. Their vision reflects deeply held values, and it evokes images that things can be better and different; that more people can be included in a better way of life. Their visions are possible and sustainable in this lifetime, and they reflect the realities of our histories, traditions and environmental health.

Their visions convey a senses of wholeness, possibility, openness and respect.

What a thrill to engage in a challenging endeavor that brings about new possibilities in which all can share.

We Study Vision in Order to:

  •  See possibilities "whole," for their completeness as well as for the barriers they may confront.
  •  Free up the vision you have and clearly articulate its prospect, import and meaning.
  •  Inspire others to undertake the changes and actions that are needed.
  •  Make your values count for everyone in your sphere of influence.


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